How to Edit Podcasts With Audacity TUTORiAL

How to Edit Podcasts With Audacity TUTORiAL

Edit Podcasts With Audacity

P2P | 24 May 2021 | 728 MB

for Podcasters and Virtual Assistants

A thoughtful and progressive course designed to help ANYONE learn how to edit a podcast. You’ll learn the basics and advanced features inside Audacity, how to build your own podcast template, how music licensing works, plus ready-to-use templates and resources. This is a complete guide with everything you need to produce a podcast show using Audacity! More details: We start with the first step, download and install Audacity! Then I’ll be introducing you to the most frequently used features, followed by creating your own podcast template (this lesson alone will save you dozens of hours during production). Next, I begin to teach you intermediate and advanced features in Audacity, best practices, and shortcuts you can use right away. Don’t be intimidated by noise profiling and reduction, envelope tool, normalization, amplification, and compression, I’m confident that you’ll be mastering these features with practice.

Given the intricacy of podcast editing (intro, outro, transitions, audio tracks and sometimes music), you want an optimal file organization system from the start. Therefore, I then explain and share a simple folder structure that’s going to work for you (and your clients) for years to come, which I developed after spending 6 years podcasting and 4 years making videos.

Finally, I walk you through the dos and don’ts associated with music licensing. Things don’t have to be complicated if you know how to play by the rules. I demystify music licensing for your audio and video projects while providing you with plenty of forever-free and high-quality music resources you can access, plus affordable subscription services to consider too.

How to Edit Podcasts With Audacity TUTORiAL

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